Chatbots from Scratch: An Intro to Bot Building in Python on Slack
Once upon a time, a team called Slack built a tool to communicate with each other at work. But communication wasn't the only goal – Slack wanted to help teams be productive in all things. Thus, they built @slackbot, everyone's favorite programmable assistant, answering common questions and providing friendly reminders and tips.

In this workshop, we'll each build our very own Slack Bot so we can get back to what we should be doing – sleep ^w work!

Intended for developers with little to no experience building chatbots, this workshop will introduce you to basic chatbot concepts and guide you through the full process of building a bot from scratch.

Stream: WorkshopsFeb 28 at 13:40-15:40
Build APIs on Axway Amplify
In this workshop you will learn the steps, tips and tricks how to build API’s on the Axway Amplify using the Full API Lifecycle Management (FLAM) platform. The FLAM platform let you transform your idea quickly into a RESTFull API using web based API builder , publish it to the API Catalog and test it with i.e SOAP UI. If you bring your laptop you would be able to follow the track on your own system.
Stream: WorkshopsFeb 28 at 16:10-17:20
Government APIs Workshop
The Victorian Government wishes to engage with developers, businesses, citizens and other stakeholders to help inform their API strategy. The agenda for this workshop will be:
  1. Describe the open government and API initiatives that are being planned.
  2. Discuss engagement models – how does open government work in fostering collaboration between government (at various levels), developers, businesses and citizens. Some considerations:
    • Various interaction mechanisms: Govt to Developers, Govt to Business etc. What are the use-cases for each? Where is the greatest value?
    • What are the opportunities for developers? How can Govt foster a developer ecosystem?
  3. Current pain points – what is the open data and government API experience like now?
  4. Future state – how can it be improved? What does Nirvana look like for a Developer? For a Citizen? For a Business?
  5. Gotchas or Risks – what are the issues that need to be overcome?
Stream: WorkshopsMar 1 at 13:40-14:40